Michael was injured in a car accident in August of 1994, at the age of 21, and was given a 5% chance of surviving.  Although he has a serious brain injury and his memory is poor, his superior intellect is still very apparent.  Before his accident, he was very artistic and musical, plus he enjoyed writing poetry.  He is still quite artistic and also very creative with words.


Juvencio suffered a brain aneurysm in December of 1995, and while the aneurysm was successfully repaired, it left him extremely disoriented and lethargic. His condition was poor for quite awhile after the surgery, and doctors were reluctant to give the family any hope that he would significantly improve. After being discharged from the hospital Juvencio stayed with his brother while waiting for a room in a lock-up facility. He couldn’t care for himself and frequently wandered away and became lost.  While waiting for an opening, he began making improvement, and shortly thereafter moved into the Glenwood house.  He now compensates for his memory loss by writing things down and using his cell phone alarm.


Since his early thirties Edward has had disabilities in both arms, a type of arthritis, which has forced him to adapt. He has taught himself to play piano, do art and once again participate in a variety of sports that he enjoys. After being homeless for 10 years, he was growing weary of a lifestyle that brought on an ever-growing need for medical intervention. Over a two year period, he went through drug dependencies that damaged his heart and brought on infections. He also suffered a broken leg, due to a medical mishap during therapy. He is grateful those troubles have come to an end, and that he has found stability. He enjoys having a safe, permanent living situation which gives him the opportunity to get a second chance in life. With all of the waiting and hard work he has endured, he is happy to be at the Glenwood house as he feels its one of the best things that has ever happened to him


Doug worked construction for 35 years. Several years ago he fell 5 stories when the lift he was on fell over. Over time his injuries, coupled with diabetes, have left him with physical limitations. He was homeless for 3 years before moving into the Glenwood house. He currently works at the Homeless Garden Project where the proceeds help others who are homeless.  Because of his varied experiences, Doug is able to help with tasks around Glenwood, and gives us great advice on how to handle repairs, gardening, etc.


Scott was stationed in Berlin, Germany with the US Army for four years. In 1981, he had two aneurisms which required surgery.  He also had a hip and bone replacement. He is now very physically active and loves to keep the yard and garden in order.  He has a vast knowledge of plants and what should be planted where.  He also worked at the Homeless Project for several weeks.