Listed in alphabetical order:


Michael Bethune
A serious vehicle accident in the fall of 1994 left Michael with a 5% chance of survival. His family was told he would no longer speak, write or understand language. Michael can now read, write, converse and take care of many of his own personal needs. As a consequence of his consistent good care at Glenwood over the years, Michael has become happy, friendly, engaging, and exuberant.


Michelle Dunniway
In 1994, Michelle suffered severe brain stem damage as the result of a head-on collision with a semi-truck. It left her in a wheelchair, unable to speak, and reliant on a feeding tube. Michelle enjoys a vastly higher quality of life at Glenwood than she once did in a nursing home. Michelle’s mother is convinced that her life would have been of short duration there. While living at Glenwood Michelle has developed a sense of humor and well-being arising from the individual attention she receives and the secure relationship she feels with her caregivers. She especially enjoys the camaraderie of the other residents and attendants.


Mike McIntyre
In 1982, a car accident left Mike paralyzed from the waist down. After that he attended Chico State University and attained a Master’s Degree in Therapeutic Recreation. Through a program called Ability First, Mike has mentored other paraplegics in the sport of wheelchair road racing. He has also helped develop a water ski for paraplegics. Mike now conducts a small business of his own. He feels very comfortable at Glenwood and has benefited from his relationship with the other residents and their attendants.  He feels that he lives in a home, not just a house.


Scott Shults
Scott received a brain injury in a motorcycle accident in 1996. He lived in a nursing home for 9 years while waiting for an opportunity to live more independently. Over the years, Scott has single-handedly collected several thousand dollars in support for the Glenwood House! He is a tireless worker and a dedicated fundraiser. Glenwood has benefited Scott by giving him strong purpose and an outlet for his energy and talent that he never would have had in a nursing home.

IMG_5609 Robert Yonts
Robert came to Glenwood in January 2015. He enjoys fishing, painting and attending exercise classes. His goal is to lose weight and improve his health. Robert has a positive attitude and an exceptional sense of humor. We believe that the support he receives at Glenwood will be a large contributing factor to his success in the coming years.