Michael Bethune

Michael was injured in a car accident in August of 1994, at the age of 21, and was given a 5% chance of surviving.  Although he has a serious brain injury and his memory is poor, his superior intellect is still very apparent.  Before his accident, he was very artistic and musical, plus he enjoyed writing poetry.  He is still quite artistic and also very creative with words.

Juvencio Muniz

Juvencio suffered from a brain aneurysm in December of 1995, and while the aneurysm was successfully repaired, it left him extremely disoriented and lethargic. His condition was poor for quite awhile after the surgery, and doctors were reluctant to give the family any hope that he would significantly improve.

After being discharged from the hospital Juvencio could not care for himself and frequently wandered away and became lost, so he stayed with his brother while waiting for a room in a lock-up facility.  While waiting for an opening, he began making significant improvement. A neuropsychologist who attended the grand opening of the Assisted Living Project’s house asked if it would be possible for Juvencio to live there. So Juvencio moved in shortly thereafter.  He learned to compensate for his memory loss by writing things down and using his cell phone alarm.

Juve lived at the house for many years and was finally hired to work in the kitchen of a local conference center.  They provided him with a small apartment on the grounds where he lived for several years.  However, during the pandemic the center shut down for awhile and Juvencio became unemployed, so decided to move back into the Glenwood house in December of 2022.

Robert Yonts

Robert was living in Hayward, CA until he moved into the Glenwood house.  He has a trach in order to help him breathe, but is aggressively working on losing weight so that he can have it removed. Robert loves art and music.  He has a very positive attitude and a wonderful sense of humor!